You have more power #01 Custom Printed Sublimated Heat Pressed Novelty Coffee Tea Mug

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1 Mug Heat Pressure Sublimated on both sides. Can be Customized. The image is permanent and will not fade, crack, or peel. A high-quality premium ceramic grade polyester coat ceramic mug in a bright white gloss finish.

Although the Mugs are dishwasher safe, I would recommend washing by hand with a mild soap and prevent the Mug from being damaged by detergent abrasives, and to preserve shine and brilliance. Dishwasher Safe Rated for up to 2500 cycles

Since the Mugs go through a printing process, there may be some subtle variations in color and surface texture may not be fully revealed color difference, and we cannot achieve the same monitor picture brightness and clarity. Thank you for your understanding that any slight variations occurring between the actual color and your pictures will be acceptable. The design is transferred using high quality sublimation process.

Lead and cadmium free, FDA Compliant. Dishwasher and Microwave safe and heat resistant

The process for Heat Press Sublimation would start with an image or a photo provided by the customer for customization if they wish. The image/photo is then printed on a special sublimation printer and inks, onto special sublimation paper. The image is cut to size to fit onto Mugs, Bottles, and other sublimatable products which are manufactured for Heat Press Sublimation. An example would be a coffee mug. The sublimation paper is printed and cut to size. The image could be placed on the front, back or side of the mug, or wrapped around the mug and held in place with special heat tape. The mug is then placed into a Mug press which has been pre-heated to 385 Degrees and then pressure heated for approximately 5 minutes. The heating process turns the ink in the transfer paper, to a gas which is then imbedded/printed onto the special poly coating on the mug. Once the mug has been removed from the press it is left to cool for about a minute, to set the image. It is now ready to deliver to the customer.