Algrium Glassworks Trademark Notice

Use of the name ALGRIUM GLASSWORKS or any confusingly similar variation or derivative without the written authorization of the Trademark owner violates the intellectual property laws of the Dominion of Canada, the United States of America, and all other nations which are signatory to the International Trademark Convention.

Possession of a Local, State or Provincial Fictitious Business Name permit, or State or National Incorporation or registration does NOT grant the possessor the right to use the ALGRIUM GLASSWORKS mark and may, by itself, constitute a violation of the aforementioned domestic and international laws. Similarly, possession of an offending Domain Name issued by INTERNIC, or by anyone else, may violate the Trademark owner's valuable property rights and subject the infringing party to liability for damages.

Finally, by reading this warning, potential infringers are on notice of the Trademark owner's rights, and any subsequent infringement will be considered willful and intentional, allowing for the recovery of greater monetary damages. If you are now, or are considering infringing on this family of Trademarks, please do not. It is an annoyance to the trademark owner and becomes very expensive for the infringer.

The domain name, and many other Algrium domain names are owned exclusively by Algrium Glassworks Inc., any contrary indications of ownership are erroneous.

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